Contractors History

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History of contractors that operated the Bristol B's.

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  Ballard, Goodrington
  Benzloe By-Products Limited, Crigglestone
  Border Hauliers, Carlisle
  R G Chambers, Bristol
  Rita Curtis, Porth
  Dowding & Thomas, Treforest
  Forestry Commission
  F Flowers, Bristol
  Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, Eccleshall
  W H Hillkirk, Staincross
  Holtby & Dudman, Weston-Super-Mare
  Hunt Brothers, Pill
  W H May, Pontypridd
  Isaac Brothers, Old Ynysybul
  National Fire Service
  Parfitt, Pontypridd
  J E Plumpton, Bristol
  Road Transport Executive, Norwich
  E H & J E Rose & Company Limited, Bristol
  J F Simons, Flint
  Smethwick Transport Company, Birmingham
  Stinchcombe, Kensham
  War Department, Ministry of Transport
  D G Williams, Pencoedcae