The History of the Bristol MW

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The Bristol MW (medium weight)  was a joint venture between Bristol Commercial Vehicles Limited and Eastern Coach Works (ECW) for a medium weight coach and bus to replace the Bristol LS.  The MW was produced between 1957 and 1967.

There were various types of MW developed:

Bus B30D, B41F, B43F and B45F
Dual Purpose DP39F, DP41F and DP43F
Coach C30F, C32F, C34F, C38F, C39F and C41F

They were powered by an 5 or 6 cylinder Gardners.  

There were 1965 Bristol MW's built; 760 MW5G's and 1205 MW6G's[1].  The MWs were delivered to the following operators:

Operator No of Vehicles
  Bath Tramways 31  
  Bristol Omnibus 216  
  Crosville 236  
  Cumberland 25  
  Durham District Service 31  
  Eastern Counties 162  
  Eastern National 131  
  Hants & Dorset 60  
  Lincolnshire 65  
  Mansfield District 11  
  Midland General 44  
  Red & White 202  
  Scottish Omnibus 20  
  Southern National 65  
  Southern Vectis 9  
  Thames Valley 22  
  Tillings Transport 25  
  United Automobile 283  
  United Counties 34  
  United Welsh 35  
  West Yorkshire 70  
  Western National 97  
  Western SMT 52  
  Wilts & Dorset 39  

[1] 228 JAX was originally fitted with a Bristol BHW engine and designated MW6B. This was later changed to a Gardner 6HLW (MW6G)