The History of the Bristol J

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The Bristol J was built by Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company Limited and bodied by the following; Beadle, Bristol, Brush, Burlingham, Cowleson, Cravens, Duple, Eastern Counties, Eastern Coach Works, Martin, Roe and Weymann.

The J was produced between 1926 and 1938.

There were various types of J's developed:

Bus B26F, B32D, B31F, B31R, B32C. B32F. B32R. B34D. B35R, B36F and B36R
Coach C26F, C26R, C28F, C30F, C31R, C32C, C32F and C32R
  Dual Purpose DP31F and DP32R  

They were powered by:

AEC 6 Cylinder
Bristol 4 and 6 Cylinder
  Dennis 4 Cylinder  
  Gardner 5 and 6 Cylinder  

There were 826 Bristol J's built. The J's were delivered to the following operators:

Operator No of Vehicles
  Black & White 18  
  Bristol Tramways 155  
  Doncaster Corporation 9  
  Eastern Counties 54  
  Eastern National 53  
  Graham 4  
  Greyhound Motors 6  
  North Western 74  
  Rotherham Corporation 31  
  Southern National 18  
  Southern Vectis 2  
  United Automobile 174  
  United Counties 34  
  West Hartlepool 2  
  West Yorkshire 108  
  Westcliff-on-Sea 32  
  Western National 52  
  Western Welsh 2