North Downs Rural Transport Limited, Forest Green

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North Downs was an independent operator based in Orpington, who also ran routes in the Horsham area. They were part of the small operator scene for a number of years, filling the gaps which Southdown, London Transport/London Country and Aldershot & District/Alder Valley found to be unviable. This included a Dorking–Coldharbour–Ockley service which replaced the one-time LT route there..


LS's Operated

Fleet No Reg No In service Out Service Original Op Remarks
  PNN 774 Feb 74 Jul 74 MD 205  
  XHW 401 Jun 73 Feb 74 BT 2885  
21 OTT 51 <Dec 71 <Dec 72 SN 1697  
22 MOD 967 Jan 72 Dec 72 WN 1676  
23 MOD 954 Dec 71 Sep 72 WN 1663  

Fleetnames Used

bullet North Downs

Operating Depots

bullet Forest Green (Closed Apr 72)
bullet Orpington (Apr 72)