Sir Robert McAlpine Limited, Hemel Hempstead

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Sir Robert McAlpine has operated in the construction industry for over 130 years and is a leading UK building, civil engineering contractor. It is believe that the vehicle were used as staff transport and possible in their later years as site hut or store sheds.

Web Site: Sir Robert McAlpine

LS's Operated

Fleet No Reg No In service Out Service Original Op Remarks
  484 AFM Nov 74 <Nov 75 Cros UG335  
  LAX 641 Nov 74   R&W UC153  
  LAX 642 Nov 74   R&W UC253  
  LAX 643 Nov 74   R&W UC353  
  LAX 648 Nov 74   R&W UC853  
  LAX 650 Nov 74 1975 R&W UC1053  
  PYO 758 NA NA Tilling (T309) Not operated
  RAO 734 Nov 74   Cumb 370  
  RAO 736 Nov 74   Cumb 372