Contractors History

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History of contractors that operated the Bristol 2 Ton's.

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  A & W Transport, Castleford
  Adcroft, Glasgow
  Anglo American Oil Company Limited, London SW1
  Auxiliary Fire Service, Bristol
  J W Barker, Carcroft
  F A Baylis Limited, Hambrook
  Bristol Aeroplane Company
  British Bamboo Cane Limited, Bodmin
  British Petroleum Company Limited
  Brooke Limited, Sandal
  F C Bullard, Nannerch
  J Burton, Leeds
  Camplin Brothers, Ackworth
  Carsons Limited, Shortwood
  C E Cauldwell, Maltby
  G Cook & Sons, Bristol
  Corporation Street Lighting Department, West Hartlepool
  J R Cox, Bristol
  T Cox & Sons Limited, Bristol
  H Cross, Bristol
  Culshaw, Wigan
  R Deighton, Bolton
  Edwardes of Langport Limited, Langport
  Failand Haulage Company, Failand
  Fletcher Hardware Company, Birmingham
  Green, Hindley
  A Knowles, Ashbourne
  C Hawkins & Sons, Bristol
  C A Hayes, Bristol
  C H Hewitt, Bristol
  G Humphries, Bath
  J Lovell, Wakefield
  Maltby Miners Home Coal Transport Company Limited, Maltby
  Maltby Urban District Council, Maltby
  R A Mapley, Carcroft
  Merryweather (Bristol) Limited, Bristol
  W H Miller, Lincoln
  National Fire Service
  R Barratt, Oughibridge
  Pelling, Denbigh
  R S Pickford, Bristol
  A H Pinnel & Sons, Bristol
  Pontypridd Urban District Council's Electricity Department, Pontypridd
  S Potts, Leeds
  A H Purnell & Son Limited, Bristol
  Lancashire Electric Power Company, Radcliffe
  J H Ramsden, Barnsley
  J R Rhodes, Sandal
  T Richardson, Oldbury
  Road Reconstruction (1934) Limited, Bristol
  M G Roberts, Newbridge
  Charles H Roe Limited, Leeds
  E H & J E Rose & Company Limited, Bristol
  Scott, Edinburgh
  Shell Mex Limited, London
  A H Shepstone, Bristol
  W J Shepstone, Bristol
  E Snowden, Leeds
  Stroud Piano Company, Stroud
  W Sword & Company, Edinburgh
  Taberner, Hindley
  Talbot Mineral Water Company Limited, Gloucester
  S Toulson Limited, Sheffield
  J Trubody, Warmley
  H Walker, Bristol
  W & H Walker, Bristol
  W & T H Walker, Bristol
  Willis & Wensley, Bristol