Contractors History

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History of contractors that operated the Bristol L's.

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  G Abbott, Liverpool
  Alderglen Manufacturing Company, Alton
  Amalgamated Roadstone Corporation, London W1
  W Ames, Great Yarmouth
  Amey, Sutton Courtenay
  Anderson, Irvine
  H O Andrews, Leeds
  Anglian Building Products Limited, Lenwade
  Arden, Glentworth
  Ardleigh Spraying Company, Colchester
  George Argent, Pembroke
  Armitage Bricks Limited, Rothwell
  Sir W Arrol, Drax
  Norman C Ashton Limited, Leeds
  Aspin, Oldham
  Atomic Power Constructions Limited, London WC1
  Avonmouth Engineering Company Limited, Avonmouth
  Avonmouth Plant & Construction Company Limited, Avonmouth
  Bailey, Ilkley
  Robert B Bainbridge, Stockton-on-Tees
  Balfour Beatty & Company Limited, London EC4
Barlow, Oldham
  Barrett, Hull
  Baxter Brothers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Bechtel, Pembroke
  Bell, Doncaster
  Bell, Leeds
  John T Bell & Company Limited, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Benfield & Loxley, Oxford
Benson Brothers (Bristol) Limited, Bristol
  Roy Benton (Turkeys) Limited, Mundford
  Berry, Heywood
  E A Bicknell & Sons Limited, Bristol
  J Billig & Sons Limited, Norwich
  Walter G Birch Limited, Harrogate
  R Blackett Charlton & Company Limited, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Blanch-Lely Limited, Crudwell
  P Blythe, Manchester
  Henry Boot Limited, Dronfield
  Border Engineering Company, Penrith
  M A Boswell, Wolverhampton
Bovis Construction Limited, Harrow
  Bovis Holdings Limited, New Ash Green
  Bradley, York
  Bradgate Granite Quary, Nunny
  Marshall Branson, Blaydon
  Brazier & Son Limited, Southampton
  Brennan & Murphy Limited, Birmingham
  Brignall, Cambridge
  Brims & Company Limited, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  British Metal Crate Company, Stockport
British Oxygen Company, Port Talbot
British Railways, London
  British Road Services, Norwich
Constructors John Brown Limited, Stevenage
  Buckley's Cleaning Services, Northwich
  W Bundy & Sons Limited, Basildon
Business Vehicles, York
  Butlin's, Hemel Hempstead
  Buxted Chicken Company Limited, Dalton
  Buxted Hatchery, Horstead Keynes
  Callibar Products, Ely
  Campbell, Redcar
  Cann, Norwich
  Car Hire & Supplies, York
  Carlyle, Manchester
  R G Carter, Drayton
  Carter Horsley (Engineers) Limited, London
  Simon Carves, Stockport
  Castle Brick Company Limited, Northop
  Cawood Wharton Limited, Harrogate
  Cementation Capag
  Charlton Concrete Company Limited, Bristol
  Chown, Kingsthrope
  Christiani-Shand, Derby
  City & County Borough of Norwich, Norwich
  City Contractors & Fleet Plant Hire Company, Belfast
  Cheshire Constabulary, Winsford
  C J B (Contracts) Limited, Paddington
  Clarnico Limited, Hackney Wick
  Clugston Civil Engineering Limited, Scunthorpe
  Codd & Trafford, Scunthorpe
  Collier & Catley (Plant) Limited, Reading
  Commando Industrial Cleaners Limited, Warwick
  H E & P Company, Birmingham
  Concrete Design & Construction Limited, Birmingham
  B E Conlin, Bridlington
  Construction Plant Hire
  Cooper and Wood Limited, Wakefield
  Cooper Bros & J Clayton Limited, Macclesfield
  Coopers Removals, Leicester
  Cork Insulation and Asbestos Company, York
Costain (Westminster) Plant Company Limited, London
  Cottam, Southminster
  County Borough of Bootle Welfare Department, Bootle
  Coventry Corporations Waterworks Department, Coventry
  Coward, Chelmsford
  Cox, Cannock
  Derek Crouch (Contractors) Limited, Eye
  Cubar Construction Company Limited, Stockport
  Cubitt, London
  Cummins, Sunderland
  Cussins, Gosforth
  C Davies, Swansea
  Denham Heating, Manchester
  Derby Engineering, Derby
  Derriff Concrete Aggregates, Canklow
  G Dew & Company Limited, Oldham
  Dickinson, Bolton
  M Dickenson, Cambridge
  J & H E Doherty Limited, Coleraine
  Dorr-Olivier Company Limited, Croydon
  Robert M Douglas (Contractor) Limited, Birmingham
  J Dove, Plaistow
  Dow-Mac (Products) Limited, Tallington
  Downing, Rudman & Bent, Chippenham
  Dowsett Engineering, Harrogate
  Doxford & Sunderland Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Limited, Wolsingham
  Drake & Scull Engineering Limited, Croydon
  Drury (Northern) Limited, Huddersfield
  R Gordon Durham & Company Limited, Boldon
  Dyson, Bradford
  Eastwoods Limited, London EC1
  Eccleshare, Lincoln
  Edison Plant
  Edward Hanson Limited, Yaddlethorpe
  Edwards, Cefn-y-Bedd, Wrexham
  Edwards, Flint
  W S Edwards & Son (Builders) Limited, Port Talbot
  Egerton, Denton
  O J Elliott & Company Limited, Bristol
  Emery Construction Company, Manchester
  English China Clays Limited, St Austell
  The English Electric Company Limited, London
  Enston Precast Products Limited, Caernarvon
  Erkulis Bros, Leeds
  Erwin, Leeds
  Espley, Eversham
  F R Evans (Leeds) Limited, Leeds
  Evans, Sunderland
  Express Office Cleaning, Manchester
  Harry Fairclough (Construction) Limited, Warrington
  Fandy, Wingate
  F C Construction Company Limited, Derby
  Fell, Wakefield
  Felmex Limited, Durham
  Ferrybridge Salvage Company, Ferrybridge
  H Field & Sons Limited, Hull
  S Fielding, Manchester
  Filmcraft Catering Services, New Malden
  Findus Foods Limited, Cleethorpes
  Finnegan, Sheffield
  Firth, Doncaster
  J W Flather Limited, Ellesmere Port
  Eric C Flower, Leeds
  D Ford, Blofield
  Ford & Carter, Norwich
  Fowlers Limited, Harrogate
  R Fox & Son, Bristol
  Fram Gerrard Limited, Swinton
  A H Fraser Holdings Limited, Diss
  Galliford & Sons Limited, Wolvey
  J Gerrard & Sons, Swinton
  Giblert Ash
  Gee, Walker & Slater Limited, Derby
  T Gill & Sons, Norwich
  Golightly, Coxhoe
  Grady, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Grahams Concrete, Middlesbrough
  Grant-Lyon Construction Limited, Scunthorpe
  W Green, Warrington
  Green, Workington
  Green & Hopton, Leeds
  Greensitt & Barrett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Hackett, Norwich
  Hadsphaltic Construction Company, London
  Alexander Hall & Son (Builders) Limited, Aberdeen
  P Hassell Limited, Sheffield
  Hawker Siddeley Aviation Limited, Boughton
  Hawkins Brothers (Gosport) Limited, Gosport (contractor)
  W Hawley & Sons, Derby
  Hawthorne Leslie Limited, Newcastle
  Hebburn-on-Tyne Urban District Council
  Hepton, Leeds
  Heslop & Hall, West Hartlepool
  High Fidelity Sound Limited, Leeds
  Hindley Industrial Co-Operative Society, Hindley
  Holloway Brothers (London) Limited, London SW1
  H A Holmes, Gorleston
  Holst & Company Limited, Watford
  Holton Power Farmers, Holton Beckington
  Hoover, ?, South Africa
  Geo Houlton & Sons Limited, Hull
  John Howard Limited, London SW1
  Howie, Dunlop
  Bill Humphries
  Husband's Shipyard, Marchwood (contractor)
  Huyton-with-Roby District Council, Huyton-with-Roby
  Ernest Ireland (Contractors) Limited, Bath
  James & Crockerell, Durrington
  Janes, Slough
  Jackson, Malton
  Jaycee Furniture (Brighton) Limited, Rottingham
  Jefferies, Hedge End
  J Jeffrey, Claxby
  J P Jones, Coventry
  W Jones, Saltney
  Kelney, Ipswich
  Kennedy, Coleraine
  Kenyon, Son & Craven Limited, Rotherham
  F Key, Thurning
  Kirby Pharmaceuticals, Mildenhall
  Knights of Norfolk Limited, Gooderstone
  G A Laing, Greenford
  John Laing Construction Limited, London NW7
  Lamb, South Milford
  Lancashire Repetition Company Limited, St Helens
  Laporte Chemicals Limited, Warrington
  Larkin, Little Common
  Latimer & Company Limited, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Edgar Lawson Limited, Darlington
  Lazenby, Ferryhill
  F T Lee, Lathon
  William Leech & Company Limited, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (contractor)
  Leggatt, Barrhead
  Lehane, Mackenzie & Shand Limited, Matlock
  Leyden Brothers, London N5
  Limmer & Trinidad Lake Asphalt Company Limited, London
  Lockwoods Foods Limited, Long Sutton
  A King & Sons Limited, Norwich
  Walter Llewellyn & Sons Limited, Eastbourne
  Lobitos Oilfields Limited, Ellesmere Port
  London Brick Company, Stewartby
  London County Council Fire Brigade, London
Aubrey Long Limited, Torpoint
  D Lord, Lostock Hall
  Luton Airport Management Committee, Luton
J T Mackley, Shoreham
  Maclean, Cromer
  Macfarlane, Glasgow
  Murdoch Mackenzie, Motherwell
  Mallinson, Huddersfield
  Manchester Corporation Waterworks, Great Harwood
  Marshall, Elland
  Mason, Mansfield
  Matthews, Manchester
  Maunders, Sale
  R May, Battersea
  May & Gurney, Norwich
  Sir Alfred McAlpine & Sons Limited, Hooton
  McGregor, Chesterfield
  McLauchlan (Knottingley) Limited, Knottingley
  McLaughlin & Harvey, Belfast
  Mears Brothers (Contractors) Limited, London SE26
  Medwood Cartage Proprietary Limited, Durban, Natal, South Africa
  Mee Wah Auto Reconditioning, Hong Kong
  Metnor, North Shields
  Middlemiss & Gould, Hartlepool
  Miller, Northumberland
  Mills Scaffolding, Blaydon
  Minter, Belfast
  F G Minter, London
  Mitchell Construction Company, Peterborough
  Mockridge Labels, Ashton-under-Lyne
  A Monk & Company Limited, Warrington
  Monte, Washington
  Moore & Cartridge Limited, Norton-on-Tees
  J V Murphy, Chester
  N & M Plant Hire Limited, Nottingham
  National Coal Board, London
  Harry Neal Limited, London W1
  J Newman, Hexham
  W T Nicholls, Cardiff
  Nicholls, Salisbury
  Nitrovit Limited, Dalton
Nor-West Construction Limited, Liverpool
  North Ray Farm Products Limited, North Thoresby
  North Sea Marine Engineers Company Limited, Teesside
  Northern Factory Developments Limited, Stockton
  Northern Ideal Homes Limited, Barnsley
  Nott, Bristol
  Numberland Whinstone Company Limited, Hexham
  Nott, Brodie & Company, Bristol
  Nuclear Civil Contractor Limited, Trawsfynydd
  Edmund Nuttall, Slough
  Whitby C Oliver, York
  Osborne Fabrications Limited, Pool-in-Wharfedale
  Osman, Stevenage
  Palethorpes Limited, Market Drayton
  Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Company Limited, London
  J Parks Steelworks Limited, Northwich
  Parr & Company, Antrim
  C Payne, Marsk-by-the-Sea
  C H Pearce & Sons, Bristol
  Pelican Engineering, Rothwell
  James Phillips (Plasterers), Leeds
  Pick, Deeping St Nicholas
  Picton Plant Hire, Skellingthorpe
  R & W Pierce, Borough Green
  Pindar's Circus
  Pipeweld, Manchester
  Pochins (Manchester) Limited,Middlewich
  H Pointer Transport Services, Norwich
  W F Pointer & Sons Limited
  Polpak, Thrisk
  E C Portch, Liverpool
  W S Preddy, Wedmore
  Price, Doncaster
  Prices, Eastleigh
  Prichard, Downer & Bailey Limited, Downton
  Proctor, Grimsby
  Pumfrey, Gainsborough
  W G Pye & Company Limited, Cambridge
  R W G, Hartlepool
  Rackwood Colliery Company Limited, Morley
  John Rainey (Plant) Portrush
  Ranken, Warrington
  Rattee & Kett (Contractors) Limited, Cambridge
  H B Raylors Scaffolding, York
  Redland Tiles, Clifton
  Reed & Mallik Limited, Salisbury
  Regional & Finance Securities Limited, London SW1
  F Rendell & Sons, Devizes
  Reynard's (Excavations) Limited, Helperby
  Roberts, Bootle
  Roberts, Lincoln
  E S & A Robinson Limited, Bristol
  W Robinson (Briggs) Limited, Briggs
  Rockfall Construction Company, Glasgow
  Ross Group Limited, Grimsby
  Ross Poultry Limited, Aberdeen
  Rowley, London N17
  Rowse, Mansfield
  Roy & Partners, Salford
  Salder Brothers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Jack Saunders, Long Itchington
  George L Scott Limited, Ellesmere Port
  J Searson, Sutton-in-Ashfield
G & J Seddon Limited, Bolton
  Shephard, Hill & Company Limited, Chesterfield
  Sheppard & Short Limited, Wembley
  Shepherd's Grove Mushroom Limited, Stanton
Sherratt, Stockport
  Showerings Limited, Shepton Mallet
  Simplex of Cambridge Limited, Cambridge
William Sindall Limited, Cambridge
  Sipsmith Limited, London
  Slater, Darlington
  Slingsby Sailplanes, Kirby Moorside
  Derek A Smith Limited, Yeadon
  Smiths Crisps Limited, Nocton
  Snowdon Brothers, Easington
  South Durham Steel & Iron Company Limited, Stockton-on-Tees
  Snape, Eccles
  Spong, Basildon
  St Helens Co-Operative Retail Society Limited, St Helens
  G Stephenson & Sons Limited, Bishop Auckland
  Stevenage Plant Hire Services Limited, Stevenage
  Stewart, Bury St Edmunds
  Stewart, Castle Dawson
  T C Stewart, Newmarket
  Stewart, Norwich
  Structural Painters Limited, Gateshead
  E Stone, Rotherham
  Stuttafords, Johannesburgh, South Africa
Sutherland Hydraulic & Machinery Company Limited, Salisbury
  Sweeney & Palmer, Nottingham
  Swindon Corporation, Swindon
  T H Contractors, St Mary's Bay
  W & J Taggart, Portrush
  Tarmac Limited, Wolverhampton
  Tate & Holmes Limited, Benwell
  W G Taylor, Weymouth
  P E Taylor, Oldcoates
  Taylor Woodrow Construction Limited, Solihull
  Teleflex Products Limited, London W1
  TenderOne, Ommel, Holland
  Tennet, Marske-by-the-Sea
  Tersons Limited, London N3
  G T Tetsill & Son Limited, Newquay
  Thetford Construction Limited, Thetford
  John Thompson (Design & Contracting Division) Limited, Wolverhampton
  W Thompson, Northallerton
  William Thornton & Sons Limited, Liverpool
  H C C Tinsley, Peterborough
  Tinsley Prepacked Foods, Holbeach St Marks
  Townson, Bolton
  Trant, Hythe
  G Percy Trentham Limited, Purley
  Trollope & Colls Limited, London EC2
  Truscon Limited, Stretford
  J Tubby, Lowestoft
  Tuckers Cartage, Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia
  Turner, Bury
  Vosper Thornycroft Limited, Southampton
  E Ulliott, Flaxton
  Vange Scaffolding & Engineering Company Limited, Benfleet
  Ventolite Blinds, Northampton
  Waddington, Wakefield
R L Wade & Son Limited, St Helens, Auckland
  Wagner & Company, Thetford
  The Wakefield Shirt Company Limited, Wakefield
  Wailes Dove Bitumastic Limited, Horsforth
  Waldron & Heneghan, Batley
  E J Walker, Potters Bar
  Walter & Hoyle, Low Moor
  Ward Construction (Medway) Limited, Gillingham
  Warner, Ipswich
  E J Warner & Partners
  Thomas Warrington & Sons Limited, Ellesmere Port
  Westinghouse Brake & Signal Company Limited, Chippenham
  Wheeler & Company, Scunthorpe
  B Whitehouse & Sons Limited, Birmingham
  White Group Cleaning Services
  White House Cleaning Services, Portsmouth
  Whitley Brothers Limited, Buckley
  Whitley Concrete, Wrexham
  William Press & Son Limited, Darlington
  R R & J Willan, Sale
  J A Willis, Newby Wiske
  Wimpenny, Prestwich
  George Wimpey & Company Limited, Hammersmith
  L Wood, Blyth
  Wright, York
  Wrington Vale Nurseries, Churchill
  Yorkshire Poultry Packers Limited, Dalton
  Cecil M Yuill Limited, West Hartlepool