Sir Alfred McAlpine & Son Limited, Hooton

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Alfred McAlpine was a British construction firm. It was a major road builder, and constructed over 10% of Britain's motorways, including the M6 Toll (as part of the CAMBBA consortium). It is now owned by Carillion plc. The company was established in 1935 by Alfred McAlpine, one of the sons of 'Concrete' Robert McAlpine. It was based in the North West of England and specialised in civil engineering. In 1983, it ceased to limit its operations to the North West, West Midlands and North Wales and moved into other parts of the country. In 2001, it sold its house building operations to George Wimpey and in February 2008 it was acquired by Carillion plc.

MW's Operated

Fleet No Reg No In service Out Service Original Op Remarks
P2135 348 MFM 1976   CROS SMG372 Operated in Sudan
P2136 351 MFM 1976   CROS SMG375 Operated in Sudan
P2137 850 RFM Feb 77   CROS SMG393