Kenana Sugar Company Limited, Capper Neill, Sufeyia, Sudan

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The Kenana Sugar Company has an integrated Cane Sugar Estate and Factory capable of producing over 400,000 Metric Tonnes of sugar. This is sufficient to satisfy the requirement of Sudan, in addition it also exports a substantial amount. Kenana Sugar is currently the largest single integrated producer of white sugar in the world. The estate covers 70,00 hectares and the plantation 41,800 hectares. Kenana workforce is in excess of 12,000.

MW's Operated

Fleet No Reg No In service Out Service Original Op Remarks
  EMR 298D Sep 77   W&D 723  
  VWO 215 Sep 77   R&W U1559  
  147 BRP Jul 77   UC 147  
  150 BRP Jul 77   UC 150  
  28 DRB Jan 78   MG 259  
  517 JHU Feb 78   BO 2995